Hi There!

On and off I write a Christian devotional blog. It’s intended to be inclusive and non-partisan (both politically and theologically) so I’m intentional about maintaining a pretty specific tone over there. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t post anything I don’t stand behind … but I also don’t post everything I think. And not everything I think is about Jesus, so not everything I want to write about belongs there.

This blog is going to be something different. Not a companion or an alternative, but a place where my less … let’s say “pastoral” … voice speaks out. I’m not a fan of blind partisanship, so it’s not going to be a haven for those of partisan mindsets. I’m also not a fan of wishy-washy relativism, so there’s not going to be much “we just need to meet in the middle.”

So what kind of things can you expect? Very soon I’m going to write about the War on Christmas … as waged by Christians. I’m going to write about how loyalty ruins everything. And about how both liberals and conservatives are too damn eager to believe every bad thing they hear about the other side.

I expect some views may seem controversial, but controversy-for-its-own-sake will never be the intent.

I hope this effort gets you (and me) thinking and talking about things in a different way.

Thanks for reading!